Vegan Sticky Chai Organic Tea


Indulge in a velvety, aromatic delight with every sip of Chai Latte with our Vegan Sticky Chai, a perfect blend of rich spices, sweetener and milk that will warm your heart and awaken your senses!

Our pouches are biodegradable and compostable. Choose our recyclable Eco-Cylinder for a longer shelf life.


Want a real chai latte? Stop using powder and start using our Vegan Sticky Chai to make yourself a real chai latte. You will only find whole organic and natural ingredients in our unique sticky chai blend. You body will enjoy it so much better without the additives, preservatives and artificial flavours often added to powdered chai!

Sticky chai is a delicious and comforting beverage that can be enjoyed any time of day. Its unique blend of spices with black tea make it a treat for the taste buds, while its potential health benefits add to its appeal as a satisfying and nourishing beverage.

Our version of sticky chai is made with rice malt syrup, which is a vegan sweetener made from fermented cooked rice. The spices we have blended are perfectly balanced with Sri Lankan black tea.

Vegan sticky chai is a perfect beverage for those who prefer a plant-based diet or those who are looking to reduce their sugar intake, as rice malt syrup is a low glycemic index sweetener and is diabetics-friendly.


Full-bodied, spicy and sweet

Black Tea, Star Anise, Ginger, Cardamom, Turmeric, Aniseed, Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Cloves, Rice Malt Syrup

1 tsp/cup ~ 100ºC ~ 5-10 min

Our Tea Master’s recommendation to make a delicious creamy Chai Latte : Place a teaspoon of  Vegan Sticky Chai with a cup with a plant-based milk  in a sauce pan. Organic coconut milk is definitely our favourite to get the best tasting Chai Latte! Bring the mixture to a boil on high heat (5-10 minutes) , strain it and serve.



* Our organic teas are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, harmful to the environment and potentially hazardous to human health. By choosing organic, you can enjoy a healthier and more environmentally friendly beverage while supporting sustainable farming practices.

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  1. RUTH

    Enjoying a lovely cup of Chai. Used Coconut Milk and added a small amount of honey. Delicious when it’s cold wet and only 8 degrees out. Love it.

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