French Earl Grey Organic Tea


Our award-winning French Earl Grey is an elegant and delicate version of Earl Grey with floral notes, reminiscent of France’s beautiful landscapes. So delicious it won a gold medal at the Golden Leaf Award 2023 !

Our pouches are biodegradable and compostable. Choose our recyclable Eco-Cylinder for a longer shelf life.


French Earl Grey is a variation of the classic Earl Grey tea blended with additional ingredients to enhance its flavour and aroma. It is a popular choice among tea drinkers who prefer a tea with a more complex taste and aroma.

Our unique French Earl Grey is flavoured with a remarkably high quality bergamot oil from Italy with the addition of rose petals, cornflowers blossoms and calendula petals which impart a sweet and floral taste.

French Earl Grey tea is renowned  for its sophisticated flavour, which is often enjoyed in the afternoon or evening as a relaxing beverage. It can be served hot or cold, and is often enjoyed with a slice of lemon or a drizzle of honey to enhance its flavors. Certain tea drinkers prefer it with a splash of milk.


Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Rose Petals, Cornflowers Blossoms, Calendula Flowers

Sourced from certified organic farms in Sri Lanka, Italy, India and Egypt

1 tsp/cup ~ 90ºC ~ 3 min

Place a teaspoon of tea per 240 ml cup into an infuser. Add filtered water heated to 90ºC. Allow to infuse for up to 3 minutes or 1 min if you prefer a lighter brew. Strain the tea and serve.


* Our organic teas are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, harmful to the environment and potentially hazardous to human health. By choosing organic, you can enjoy a healthier and more environmentally friendly beverage while supporting sustainable farming practices.

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  1. Marie

    This French Earl Grey blend is delightful and quite a favourite at our place. It has a fabulous aroma and a really lovely flavour that I now crave. The colours in the mix are reminiscent of a pretty French garden.
    I gave many pouches away as gifts last Christmas to special friends.
    Thank you for creating this beautiful tea!

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