Women’s Wellness Organic Tea


A powerful blend to lessen the physical discomfort of female hormones imbalance that may help reduce painful periods in menstruating women and hot flashes for those experiencing menopause.

Ingredients (90% Organic)
Lady’s Mantle, Damiana, Dong Quai, Chaste Berries, Rosehips, Chaga Mushrooms

Therapeutic Actions
• Lady’s Mantle stimulates the production of progesterone
• Chaste Tree Berries induce subtle hormonal effects within the brain
• Damiana acts as a restorative tonic for the nervous system
• Dong Quai is used to treat female disorders
• Rose hips brings Vitamin C
• Chaga Mushroom helps support the body’s stress response

Brewing Suggestion
Best prepared as a hot tea. Add honey to taste.

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Herbal medicine offers substantial help for general well-being but does not replace conventional medicine. If feeling serious discomfort in any part of your body please address your issue to a health practitioner. If talking pharmaceutical drugs you must proceed cautiously when choosing the herbs you drink and will need to work directly with a health practitioner.

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